Some Writing

Gene and Janet Lees were dear friends and I miss them. It was a privilege that Gene asked me to write a profile of him and I'm happy to report he was delighted with it, mainly due to the fact (I think) that I unearthed some obscure information about his grandfather on the internet. Gene was considered one of the foremost authorities on Jazz due to his personal relationships with some of the most essential creators of it, and he wrote a number of books on the subject: Cats of Any Color: Jazz, Black And White, Oscar Peterson: The Will to Swing, You Can't Steal A Gift: Dizzy, Clark, Milt, and Nat, Friends Along The Way: A Journey Through Jazz, etc. Gene was also one of the great songwriter/lyricists. Among his most famous songs are Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars with Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Waltz for Debby with Bill Evans.

Harrigan Logan pays tribute to Gene Lees